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Scientific Programme

The programme of conference will be divided into 16 sessions, which will be introduced by the two invited keynote speakers (25 minutes talk) and followed by the contributed oral (15 minutes) presentations. Poster sessions will be organized on Tuesday, September 14, and Thursday, September 16, afternoon. Wednesday, September 15 afternoon is kept free for the conference excursion.

To download a complete copy of LUMDETR programme in a PDF file please follow this link.

LUMDETR 2021 Keynote and oral session program

Sunday, 12.09.2021

15:00 – 18:00  Arrival and registration with refreshment 
PARIS Center hall – conference level

Monday, 13.09.2021

(08.00- 09.00) Registration of the participants
(09:00–09.40) Opening ceremony

  • Yu. Zorenko, conference Chairman - welcome speech
  • J. Woźny, Rector UKW, welcome speech
  • J. Kowalewski, Director of Oncology Centers in Bydgoszcz, welcome speech
  • Person, represented the Marshal of Kujawsko-Pomorske Wojewodszip Office, welcome speech
  • Person, represented the President of Bydgoszcz, welcome speech
(09:40-10:00) In memoriam: M. Grinberg and R. Williams
  • (10.00–10:15) A. Gadomski, Bydgoszcz University of Science and Technology. Bydgoszcz Chapter of the Polish Physical Society: Past and Present.
  • (10:15–10:30) K. Ślosarek, Polish Society of Medical Physics. Polish Society of Medical Physics - professional and scientific activity.

(10:30–11:00) Coffee-break

(11:00–13:00) Session 1 Radioluminescence and scintillation mechanisms - 1
Chairman – C. Dujardin
Keynote presentation (25 min)

  • (11:00–11:30) M. Nikl. Composition engineering in multicomponent garnets: new demands.
  • (11:30–12:00) A. Vasil'ev. Scintillation properties in connection with material structure and track fluctuations.

Oral presentation (15 min)

  • (12:00–12:15) M. Yoshino, Scintillation properties and particle identification capability of (Li,Ca)I 2 solid solution.
  • (12:15–12:30) L. Martinazzoli. Scintillation Properties and Timing Performance of State-of-the-art Gd 3 Al 2 Ga 3 O 12 Single Crystals.
  • (12:30–12:45) V. Vaněček. Novel cross-luminescence scintillators: an exploration of CsMCl 3 perovskite matrix.
  • (12:45–13:00) S. Kurosawa. Fast neutron imaging using carbazole and p-terphenyl scintillator (remote presentation)

(13:00–14:00) Lunch

(14:00–16:05) Session 2 Radioluminescence and scintillation mechanisms - 2
Chairman M. Fassoli
Keynote presentation (25 min)

  • (14:00 –14:25) M. Brik. First-principles calculations of electronic properties of scintillating materials.
  • (14:25–14:50) A. Wojtowicz. Radiative and nonradiative recombination in β-Ga 2 O 3 scintillator crystals.

Oral presentation (15 min)

  • (14:50–15:05) W. Drozdowski. Heading for brighter and faster β-Ga 2 O 3 Scintillator Crystals.
  • (15:05–15:20) S. Mann. Timing properties of radioluminescence in nanoparticle ZnS:Ag scintillators.
  • (15:20–15:35) A. Monguzzi. Sensitization of scintillation in multicomponent polymeric composites (remote presentation).
  • (15:35–15:50) N. Galunov. Organic heterostructured scintillators with a high pulse shape discrimination capability (remote presentation).
  • (15:50–16:05) C. Fujiwara. Scintillation properties for Cs 2 Hf(I,Br) 6 with red emission for real-time high dose rate monitor (remote presentation).

(16:05–16:30) Coffee-break

(16:30–18:30) Session 3. Energy transfer and storage in the luminescent detectors
Chairman A. Suchocki
Keynote presentation (25 min)

  • (16:30 –17:00) S. Tanabe. Energy transfer and NIR luminescence in lanthanoid and transition metal codoped storage phosphors (remote presentation).
  • (17:00 –17:30) S. Mahlik. Broadband Near-Infrared Phosphors for Light Emitting Diodes.

Oral presentations (15 min)

  • (17:30 –17:45) M. Danilkin. Accelerated radiative transitions in impurities due to energy transfer from impurity-bound excitons.
  • (17:45 –18:00) G. Tamulaitis. Excitation relaxation via intra- and intercenter transitions of Pr 3+ ion in garnet-type scintillator.
  • (18:00 –18:15) S. Nargelas. Relaxation of electronic excitation at cerium ions in GAGG matrix studied using transient absorption technique.
  • (18:15 –18:30) E. Trofimova. Luminescence properties and energy transfer processes in LiSrPO 4 :Pr 3+ ,Na + , Mg 2+ (remote presentation).

Welcome party

Tuesday, 14.09.2021

(8:30–10:30) Session 4. Technology and methods of luminescent material preparation: Crystal growth 1
Chairman – M. Nikl.
Keynote presentation (25 min)

  • (08:30–09:00) A. Yoshikawa. A rapid screening method for novel scintillator crystals.
  • (09:00–09:30) O. Sidletskiy. Advances in technologies of bulk crystal growth from non-precious metal crucibles.

Oral presentation (15 min)

  • (09:30–09:45) K. Bartosiewicz. La codoping strategy for modifying atoms segregation and luminescence and scintillation properties of LuAG:Pr single crystals.
  • (09:45–10:00) F. Zajíc. Single crystal growth of garnets by floating zone method in laser furnace
  • (10:00–10:15) Ia. Gerasymov. Effects of co-doping on optical and scintillation properties of YAG:Ce,C crystals.
  • (10:15–10:30) D. Kofanov. Growth and characterization of mixed LuYAG:Ce crystals under reducing atmosphere.

(10.30–11.00) Coffee-break

(11:00–13:00) Session 5. Technology and methods of luminescent material preparation: Crystal growth 2
Chairman – M. Kucera
Keynote presentation (25 min)

  • (11:00–11:30) J. Pejchal. Luminescence mechanism and Ce incorporation in LaAP:Ce single crystals.

Oral presentation (15 min)

  • (11:30 –11:45) K. Kamada. Growth and scintillation properties of rare-earth doped SrO and CaO by core heating method (remote presentation).
  • (11:45–12:00) R. Král. Cs 2 Hf x Zr 1-x Cl 6 mixed crystals, their growth by vertical Bridgman method and characterization of luminescent and scintillation properties.
  • (12:00–12:15) E. Galenin. Crystallization of Y 2 O 3 melt in tungsten crucibles (remote
  • (12:15–12:30) Y. Takizawa. Growth and scintillation properties of CsI/CsCl/KCl eutectics for radiation imaging applications.
  • (12:30–12:45) R. Yajima. Melt growth of Zn 3 Ta 2 O 8 crystal by core heating method and its scintillation properties.
  • (12:45–13:00) O. Lalinsky. Optimization of cathodoluminescence efficiency of scintillators for low-energy electron detectors.

(13:00–14:00) Lunch

(14:00–16:05) Session 6. Technology and methods of luminescent material preparation: Film preparation
Chairman – Yu. Zorenko
Keynote presentation (25 min)

  • (14:00 –14:25) M. Kucera. Growth and properties of multicomponent garnet and perovskite films for low afterglow scintillators.
  • (14:25–14:50) T. Runka, Raman spectroscopy of single crystalline films of perovskites.

Oral presentation (15 min)

  • (14:50–15:05) Yu. Zorenko. Growth and luminescent properties of Bi 3+ , Tb 3+ and Eu 3+ doped Lu 2 O 3 single crystalline films and composites on their base.
  • (15:05–15:20) J.A. Mares. Investigation of scintillating properties of single crystalline films and composite scintillators based on simple and mixed garnets.
  • (15:20–15:35) A. Suchocki. High pressure studies of Ce 3+ luminescence in epitaxial LuAlO 3 single crystalline film.
  • (15:35–15:50) V. Gorbenko. Development of composite scintillators based on the Ce 3+ doped single crystalline films and single crystals of orthosilicate compounds.
  • (15:50–16:05) M. Buryi. Optical and magnetic properties of epitaxially grown GaN:Ge(Si) thin films. 

(16:05–16:30) Coffee-break

(16:30–18:30) Session 7. Technology and methods of luminescent material preparation: Detectors based on the
nanophosphors and nanocomposites
Chairman – M. Kirm
Keynote presentation (25 min)

  • (16:30–17:00) C. Dujardin. Scintillation mechanisms of II-VI nano-semiconductor heterostructure.
  • (17:00–17:30) I. Villa. Scintillation properties of advanced nanocomposite materials.

Oral presentation (15 min)

  • (17:30–17:45) E. Mihóková. The role of Cs 4 PbBr 6 phase in the luminescence performance of bright CsPbBr 3 nanocrystals.
  • (17:45–18:00) V. Jarý. Modification of optical properties of the GaN nanostructures via annealing in various atmospheres.
  • (18:00–18:15) M. Chylii. The influence of precursor ratio in the Cd-Zn-S quantum dots synthesis on their morphological and optical properties.
  • (18:15-18:30) R. Crapanzano. Radio- and photo-luminescence of ZnO nanoparticles with different morphologies and functionalization.


Poster session 1 with refreshment

Wednesday, 15.09.2021

(8:30–10:30) Session 8. Defects and their role in performance of luminescence material - 1
Chairman – A. Vedda
Keynote presentation (25 min)

  • (08:30–09:00) V. Laguta. Electron and hole trapping in wide band-gap oxide scintillation crystals.
  • (09:00–09:30) A. Lushchik. Detection of uncatchable oxygen interstitials in neutron-irradiated corundum crystals remote presentation

Oral presentation (15 min)

  • (09:30 –09:45) E. Radzhabov. Fine structure of 4f-5d absorption spectra of MeF 2 -Yb 3+ in the vacuum ultraviolet region under synchrotron excitation.
  • (09:45–10:00) E. Zabelina. Gadolinium-aluminum-gallium garnet single crystals with partial substitution of gallium with aluminum and their optical characterization.
  • (10:00 –10:15) Y. Hizhnyi. Band gap engineering of RAlO 3 (R = Y, La, Gd, Yb, Lu) perovskites.
  • (10:15–10:30) S. Kiselev. Influence of irradiation with fast electron beam on energy transport in praseodymium-ion doped phosphates (remote presentation).

(10:30-11:00) Coffee-break

(11:00–13:30) ​Session 9. Defects and their role in performance of luminescence material -2
Chairman – V. Laguta
Keynote presentation (25 min)

  • (11:00–11:30) M. Kitaura. Gamma-ray-induced Positron Annihilation Lifetime Spectroscopy for Characterization of Imperfections in Scintillator Crystals - (remote presentation).
  • (11:30–12:00) A. Popov. Detailed analysis of self-trapped hole V k center mobility in binary and complex halides as a function of lattice parameters.

Oral presentation (15 min)

  • (12:00 –12:15) V. Nagirnyi. Inter-configurational 4f5d→ f radiative transitions of Pr 3+ ions doped in Li 6 Y(BO 3 ) 3 single crystals.
  • (12:00 –12:15) V. Tsiumra. Spectroscopic studies of Bi 3+ - doped Сa 3 Ga 2 Ge 3 O 12 garnet.
  • (12:30 –12:45) T. Leśniewski. Pressure induced changes in the optical properties of Mn 4+ doped fluoride phosphors.
  • (12:45 –13:00) N. Majewska. The broadband IR emission from Cr 3+ ions in magnetoplumbite.

(13.00–14.00) Lunch

(14.00–22.00) Excursion with bonfire

Thursday, 16.09.2021

(08:30–10:35) Session 10 Luminescent spectroscopy of materials for detectors of ionization radiation: conventional methods and synchrotron radiation
Chairman - Vitaliy Nagirnyi
Keynote presentation (25 min)

  • (08:30–08:55) M. Kirm. Time-resolved luminescence spectroscopy in studies of ultrafast processes in wide gap materials using advanced light sources.
  • (08:55–09:20) W. Stręk. Emission properties of rare earth doped materials under high power excitation.

Oral presentations (15 min)

  • (09:20–09:35) V. Pankratov. Time-resolved luminescence and VUV excitation spectroscopy of GGAG:Ce single crystals.
  • (09:35–09:50) D. Wlodarczyk. Structural and optical studies of novel, cerium-tungstate double perovskites doped with rare-earth ions
  • (09:50–10:05) D. Spassky. Luminescence properties of GAGG:Ce scintillator under intense laser irradiation (remote presentation).
  • (10:05–10:20) L.-I. Bulyk. Pressure induced blue luminescence in CsPbBr 3 single crystals.
  • (10:20–10:35) J. Saaring. Relaxation of anion and cation electronic excitations in hexafluorogermanates

(10:35–11:00) Coffee-break

(11:00–13:05) Session 11. Optically and thermally stimulated luminescence in solids - 1
Chairman P. Olko
Keynote presentation (25 min)

  • (11:00–11:25) A. Mandowski. Theory and a novel approach to optically stimulated luminescence in complex systems.
  • (11:25–11:50) E. Yukihara. The still unexplained mechanism of the UV emission of Al 2 O 3 :C: what do we know and how do we move forward?

Oral presentations (15 min)

  • (11:50–12:15) P. Bilski, Infrared-stimulated luminescence of garnets.
  • (12:15–12:30) Ł. Kapłon. Green-emitting polystyrene scintillators for plastic scintillation dosimetry.
  • (12:30–12:45) M. Orfano. Photoluminescence and radioluminescence properties of hafnium oxide-based Metal Organic Framework (MOF) nanocrystals and composites.
  • (12:45–13:00) R. Cala. Characterization of BSO and mixed BGSO crystals for future dual-readout calorimetry.

(13:00–14:00) Lunch

(14:00–16:00) Session 12. Application of scintillators and detectors for medical diagnostics and biological research -1 
Chairman – J. Winiecki
Keynote presentation (30 min)

  • (14:00–14:30) M. Maryański. Mechanisms of radiochromic response in polymer gel dosimeters.
  • (14:30–15:00) P. Olko. Luminescence dosimetry in proton therapy.

Oral presentations (15 min)

  • (15:00–15:15) S. Ishizawa. Development of Red-emitting Oxide Scintillator for Decommissioning Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.
  • (15:15–15:30) K. Fabisiak. UV detector based on polycrystalline CVD diamonds.
  • (15:30 –15:45) O.V. Pakari. Investigation of the UV emission mechanism in Al2O3:C using pulsed OSL and photo-transfer experiments
  • (15:45 –16:00) J.B. Christensen. Improving linear energy transfer measurements using automated OSL readers

(16:00–16:30) Coffee-break

(16:30–18:00) Session 13. Application of scintillators and detectors for medical diagnostics and biological research – 2 
Keynote presentation (30 min)
Chairman - M. Maryański

  • (16:30–17:00) J. Winiecki. The purposes, principles and common techniques used in radiation therapy
  • (17:00–17:30) T. Piotrowski: What is plan quality in radiotherapy?

Oral presentation (15 min)

  • (17:30 –17:45) S. Witkiewicz-Łukaszek. Basic characteristics of dose distributions of photons beam for radiotherapeutic applications using YAG:Ce crystal detectors.
  • (17:45–18:00) O. Rebane Time-resolved fluorescence study of bacterial spores treated by hydrogen peroxide vapour for monitoring decontamination process.

(18:00–19:00) Poster session 2 with refreshment

(20:00–22:30) Concert and conference banquet

Friday, 17.09.2021

(8:30–10:30) Session 14. Optically and thermally stimulated luminescence in solids – 2 
Chairman - A. Mandowski
Keynote presentation (25 min)

  • (08:30–09:00) W. Gieszczyk. LiMgPO 4 :RE - review of the results of 7-years investigations on new dosimetric crystals.
  • (09:00–09:30) Y. Zhydachevskyy, Trapping and recombination mechanisms in YAP:Mn 2+ crystals as promising TL/OSL detectors.

Oral presentation (15 min)

  • (09:30–09:45) M. Sądel. 2D OSL dosimetry based on LiMgPO 4 powder embedded into the flat sheet
    silicone foils.
  • (09:45–10:00) R. R. Ruiz-Torres. Thermoluminescence of beta irradiated CaAl 2 O 4 :Eu 2+ ,Dy 3+
    synthesized by combustion method: thermal quenching and thermal cleaning studies.
  • (10:00–10:15) K. Lemański. Luminescent properties of Ba2MgWO6 polycrystals and ceramics doped with the Eu3+ ions
  • (10:15–10:30) A. Shyichuk. Electron traps in Lu2O3:Hf from density functional calculations

(10:30–11:00) Coffee-break

(11:00–13:00) Session 15 Radiation dosimetry 
Chairman - P. Bilski
Keynote presentation (30 min)

  • (11:00–11:30) M. Martini. Natural radiation dosimetry applications: dating ancient bronze statue by luminescence.
  • (11:30–12:00) A. Chruścińska. New challenges and problems in the field of luminescence dating.

Oral presentations (15 min)

  • (12:00 –12:15) M. Discher. Temperature assisted OSL measurements of display glass from mobile phones for retrospective dosimetry.
  • (12:15–12:30) A. Mrozik. Common medicines as emergency dosimeters.
  • (12:30–12:45) H. Kim. Dose recovery test using a TA-OSL protocol of display glass for accident dosimetry. (remote presentation)
  • (12:45 –13.00) N. Miniajluk-Gaweł. Influence of sintering parameters on spectroscopic properties of BMW:Eu3+ ceramic materials (remote presentation)

(13:00–14:00) Lunch

(14:00–15:45) Session 16. Other phosphor applications 
Chairman - A. Wojtowicz
Keynote presentation (25 min)

  • (14:00 –14:30) M. Batentschuk. New phosphors for high temperature thermometry.
  • (14:30–15:00) S. Schweizer. Light guides based on lanthanide-doped borate glass (remote presentation).

Oral presentations (15 min)

  • (15:00–15:15) A. Markovskyi. Composite color converters based on Tb 1.5 Gd 1.5 Al 5 O 12 :Ce single
    crystalline films and Y 3 Al 5 O 12 :Ce crystal substrates.
  • (15:15–15:30) Thi Hong Quan Vu. Ba 2 MgWO 6 :Er 3+ as a novel bifunctional double perovskites for white-light emitting phosphor and low-temperature optical thermometer.
  • (15:30–15:45) D. Stefańska. Luminescence and thermal behavior of La 2 MgTiO 6 - Ba 2 MgWO 6 solid
    (remote presentation).

(15:45–16:00) Coffee-break

(16:00–16:30) Conference closing


LUMDETR 2021 Poster sessions program

Poster session 1 (14.09.2021 - 18:30-19:30)


Chairmen – M. Batentschuk and W. Drozdowski

1. V.A. Pustovarov. Site-selective luminescence of solid solutions based on silicate-tungstates doped with Eu 3+ ions.
2. E.V. Tishchenko. Scattering of hot charge carriers in solid solutions of dielectric crystals with substitutional disorder - remote presentation.
3. A. Bachiri. Scintillation yield of Czochralski-grown β-Ga 2 O 3 and β-Ga 2 O 3 :Si crystals.
4. A. Romet. Developing UV emitters based on undoped ZnAl 2 O 4 nanofibers.
5. V. Pankratov. Time-resolved luminescence spectroscopy of rare-earth doped SrMoO 4 single crystals.
6. M. Yoshino. Crystal growth, scintillation property, and pulse shape discrimination of Ca(Br,I) 2 scintillators.
7. C. Dujardin. Purification, growth and optical properties of large 6 Li 2 MoO 4 for scintillating bolometer.
8. K. Kamada. Fabrication of 6 LiBr and BaBr 2 based eutectic scintillator and its radiation response.
9. Y. Takizawa. Growth and scintillation properties of Ce:LaBr 3 /LiBr eutectics.
10. Y. Syrotych. New types of composite scintillators based on the single crystalline films and crystals of Gd 3 Al 5-x Ga x O 12 :Ce garnets.
11. P. Popielarski. Luminescent properties of YAG:Ce and TbAG:Ce nanopowder thin films in polycarbonate (PC) and polystyrene (PS) matrices.
12. A. Mrozik. Analysis of TL signals from SCF/SC composite detectors (LuAG:Ce/YAG) for distinguishing radiation field components.
13. Yu. Zorenko. Ce 3+ to Ce 4+ recharge in Ce doped Y 3-x Ca x Al 5-x Si x O 12 and Y 3 Al 5-2y Mg y Si y O 12  single crystalline films: EPR and optical studies.
14. S. Witkiewicz-Lukaszek. Three-layered composite scintillator based on the YAG and LuAG garnets for simultaneous registration of α-, β-particles and γ-quanta.
15. M. Makowski. Scintillation time profiles of Czochralski-grown β-Ga 2 O 3 and β-Ga 2 O 3 :Si crystals.
16. W. Dewo. Raman and luminescent spectroscopy of TbAG:Mn garnet single crystalline film phosphor.
17. A. Voloshinovskii. Polymer nanocomposites with embedded CsPbBr 3 nanoparticles.
18. V. Vistovskyy. Temperature behavior of the near band edge luminescence in CsPbBr 3 single crystals, microcrystals and nanoparticles (remote presentation).
19. A. Akhmetova. Synthesis and characterization 2D CdTe nanoplatelets for PV application. – remote presentation
20. A. Shakhno. Micro-powder phosphors based on the Ce 3+ and Mn 2+ doped Ca 2 YMgScSi 3 O 12 silicate garnet for WLED application.
21. T. Zorenko. Ce 3+ doped Al 2 O 3 -YAG eutectics as converters for WLED application.
22. O. Zapadlík. Engineering of YAG:Ce to improve its scintillation properties.
23. Y. Hizhnyi. Electronic properties of Mn-related defects in YAlO 3 perovskite crystal.
24. V. Pankratova. Comparative study on the influence of swift heavy ions on structural and luminescent properties of several important optical and scintillator materials.
25. O. Chukova. Synthesis and properties of luminescent glass-ceramics composed of vanadate-borate glass filled with vanadate nanoparticles.
26. S. Nagorny. Scintillation and charge trapping properties of Cs2HfCl6 and Cs2ZrCl6 single crystals in a wide temperature range (remote presentation)
27. V. Gayshan. New type of ultra-high (<3%) energy resolution gamma spectrometry using traditional scintillators(remote presentation)

Poster session 2 (16.09.2021 - 18:00-19:00)

Chairmen – E. Yukichara and K. Fabisiak

26. A. Krasnikov. Electron and hole centers in the UV-irradiated Bi 3+ -doped Ca 3 Ga 2 Ge 3 O 12 garnet.
27. M. Buryi. Charge trapping in Li doped Y 3 Al 5 O 12 single crystals: correlated EPR and TSL investigation.
28. M. Sankowska. The influence of temperature on the photoluminescence of lithium fluoride crystals.
29. M. E. Witkowski. Low temperature thermoluminescence of β-Ga 2 O 3 scintillator – new results and new interpretations.
30. N. Krutyak. Novel NASICON-type phosphors doped with RE ions: structure and luminescence.
31. S. Ubizskii. Luminescence Response of YAP:Mn crystal to the ionizing and visible radiation.
32. D. Spassky. Luminescent and structural properties of ScxY 1-x VO 4 :Eu 3+ solid solutions.
33. D. Daurenbekov. Recombination emission and electron trapping centers in irradiated BaSO 4 and CaSO 4 . – remote presentation.
34. A. Luchechko. TL and OSL studies of Mn 2+ and Eu 3+ -doped MgGa 2 O 4 phosphor.
35. S. Motta. Characterization of Lexsyg Smart automated reader for TL and OSL dosimetry using various materials.
36. A. Maratova. Effect of exciton-like luminescence flare-up in the field of homologous cations in KCl matrix.
37. A. Majewski-Napieralski. Regularities of manganese charge state formation and luminescent properties of Mn doped Al 2 O 3 , YAlO 3 and Y 3 Al 5 O 12 single crystalline films.
38. V. Chernov. Evaluation thermal quenching parameters from a series of experimental thermoluminescence curves recorded with variable heating rates.
39. A. K. Somakumar. Temperature dependent photoluminescence studies on Mn doped Y 3 Al 5 O 12 single crystalline films
40. Ming-Yuan Shih. Execution of personal and extremity dosimeters proficiency tests regarding dose equivalent for beta particles - remote presentation
41. M. Discher. ProGlaDos Project: TL study of protective glasses of mobile phones for retrospective dosimetry.
42. K. Szufa. Optically stimulated luminescence properties of commercially available KCl dietary supplement as retrospective dosimeter.
43. M. Biernacka. Investigations of the thermal stability of the OSL main trap in quartz from sediments.
44. N. Pawlak. Thermal depletion curve of the complex OSL signal.
45. R. Smyka Luminescent properties of microcline from the granite pegmatite of the Strzegom Massif.
46. C. Bassinet. ProGlaDos Project - Mobile phone screen protector glass for radiation accident dosimetry: TL investigation of the intrinsic background signal.
47. R. Majgier. Comparison of OSL properties of sodium sulfate and potassium sulfate.
48. E. Mandowska. Investigation of feldspar luminescence decay using pulsed IRSL measurement
49. L. Oster. Investigation of the dose-rate effects in the thermoluminescence of LiF:Mg,Ti (TLD-100) (remote presentation)
50. B. Rikhotso. Atomistic simulation synthesis of LixTiO2 nanoporous as anode electrode materials for energy storage in lithium ion batteries (remote presentation)